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We have worked with many talented artists over the years playing many different styles of music, below are just some examples of music we have recorded, mixed and mastered.


street soldier - td.jpg
clashmute - transmissions.jpg
the separation - olic.jpg
xcurraheex - wwf.jpg
street soldier  - omg.jpg
street soldier - nh.jpg
portrayal of ruinn.jpg
malign - syg.jpg
sotm - eulogy.jpg
buckle tongue - grow.jpg
viral strain.jpg

Other Clients include:

The Fall, Herd Of Humans, xCurraheex, Broken Teeth, Sweet Release, Friends Of Brian, Car Crash Radio, Mercury Switch, Searu, Ruins, Eyes Wide Shut, Chris Ward, Propax, BBC, I Know Its Over, Wound Up, Wasted Days, Elliott Ashall-Kelly, Idiot-State, Mourning Glory, Buckle Tongue, The Kandy Kreeps, Laura White, Strike Team, Your Loss, Acoustic Solutions, The Art Of Ruin, Cora Bora, Thade, Akasha, Son Of The Mourning, Life Without Armour, The Separation, Engineer Records, Hopes, Social Annerysm, Murder On The Airwaves, Whiskey & Lace, Junker, Ashes, The Dressed Down Kids, Defect, Before The Dawn, Dead Retinas, Great Minds Clinic, Phil Mckean, The Corporation, Deepscorn Hollow, Wolves, Lost Nomad, Madcutta Films, The Late Poets, Reparation, Whipchord, Silent Cities, The Manta Rays, Tainted Memories, Talk Show Host, The Noels, Thrones, The Venom Inside, Viral Strain, Portrayal Of Ruinn, Clashmute, Malign, Screw Loose, Street Soldier

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