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rain city studios control room

Rain City Studios

Rain City Studios is a two room recording studio & rehearsal facility based in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK. The studio offers a relaxed creative space that consists of an acoustically treated control room and large live room which doubles up as the facilities rehearsal space. 


The studio is based around a Pro Tools system and Allen & Heath GL2200 mixing console and combines the ease of digital recording with a great selection of analogue outboard equipment, microphones and guitar amps.


Being located in the Greater Manchester area the studio is easily accessible from around the UK and is only 5 minutes away from local train and bus stations.


drum tracking


Offering a wide range of recording services from full productions, to drum sessions, vocal sessions and overdubs.

pro tools editing


Editing services include drum editing, drum triggering, vocal editing, vocal tuning, reamping and restoration.

pro tools mixer


Wether you have recorded at Rain City Studios or have a project that's ready to mix we can bring your production to life.

superior drummer

Beat/Instrument arrangement

Have an idea for a song and need drums and other instrumentation arranging for it? In a band with no drummer? have a rap and need a beat producing? we offer full production based around your project.

band practice


Rehearsals are booked in blocks of 3-4 hours and come with backline (2x guitar amps, bass amp, shell drum kit, pa system & 2x mics)

mastering plugins


Book your mastering session at Rain City Studios to help your music translate on anything from a club PA system to an iPhone.

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